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ME by TMB: Me
Hi-Q: Save the Dugong
Seiko: Discover Your Planet
TOA: Leak
Halls XS: Ice
Sponsor: Victory
The Pizza Company x Coca Cola: Robot
Sealect: Mermaid
Thailand Elite: The Moment

Binn Kitcachonpong

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Binn's passion for film production began when he studied Film and Photography at a university in Bangkok, Thailand in 1997. His journey took off when he landed a role as an assistant director for the renowned production house "Phenomena Bangkok" and won first prize at the Thai film festival for his short film "Bangkok Station".


With hard work and determination, he rose to the esteemed position of commercial director, always seeking to explore new creative frontiers. One of Binn's greatest strengths as a director is his ability to capture the essence of human characters and bring out their emotions through art direction in his works. Binn's unique perspective and attention to detail have made him a highly sought-after collaborator for clients and brands. In 2015, Binn founded his own production company, "Bingo Bingo," and continues to explore new creative possibilities.


Binn is also a devoted father to his two sons, embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood with the same enthusiasm and curiosity he brings to his work. For Binn, life is an endless experiment, a journey of exploration and discovery that never truly ends.

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